How to Find Seattle Houseboats for Sale

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It’s always nice to live or work in a room with a view. That’s why corner offices and beachfront properties are always in high demand and come at a premium. This means that the vast majority of the population cannot afford to own a home facing the sea or a Lake. The good news is that anyone can own property which not only overlooks the a lake or ocean, but … Read More

Houseboats Back on the MLS!

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Houseboats Back on the MLS! We are VERY excited and proud to announce that Houseboats will be back on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) as of July 24th, 2015. It is hard to believe that just over a year ago, we, Kevin & Linda Bagley began this endeavor on June 4th, 2014 by meeting with Jerry McDonald, Administrator of Real Estate Programs for Washington State, and Lewis Denny, Manager … Read More

Seattle Shoreline Master Plan Receives Final Approval

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Seattle Shoreline Master Plan Receives Final Approval Ecology Director Maia Bellon signed the final approval for the City of Seattle’s Shoreline Master Program on Monday June 1, 2015. The updated SMP will go into effect on June 15, 2015! A process that began nearly 8 years ago is finally coming to completion.  In 2007, the Department of Planning and Development began a process to update the Seattle Shoreline Master Program. … Read More

New Houseboat Lending from Sound Community Bank

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New Houseboat Lending Program from Sound Community Bank The KevLin We are very pleased to announce that with new Houseboat regulations, Sound Community Bank is creating a new Floating On Water Residence lending package that improves both rates and terms offered for houseboats. Details of this program are shown below. Over the past 5 years, Kevin and Linda Bagley and Lake Union Liveaboard Association have worked hard to create a … Read More

Watch HGTV Houseboat Hunter Episode Online

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Save the Houseboats and Barges in Seattle, Don’t let Seattle eliminate this amazing lifestyle and an integral part of Seattle History! The HGTV Houseboat Hunter episode featuring Special Agents Realty is now available on line.  Kevin Bagley helps Scott Dossett find his dream houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle. If you have not had a chance to see this episode, you can now view it online. Scott looks at houseboats … Read More

Linda & Kevin Bagley Radio Interview About Houseboats & Floating Homes

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Ben Brashen with KKNW 1150 interviewed Linda and Kevin Bagley on 6-19-2013, owners of Special Agents Realty and Special Agents Houseboats on his show Brashenomics. The interview provides an excellent overview of the differences between Houseboats and Floating Homes, the houseboat buying process, and a great introduction to houseboat life. The interview is helpful to those wanting to learn about Seattle Houseboats and Seattle Floating Homes, what is involved in … Read More

Flagship Seattle Houseboat-Vessel (SOLD!!)

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  SOLD! Check out this fabulous, fun, funky, Seattle houseboat! Imagine waterfront you can put your toes in!  Picture owning this one of a kind flagship!  The spirit of Seattle shines through in this fanciful, charming houseboat loaded with character and flavor. Nicely equipped with a 3/4 bath, charming kitchen with nautical cabinetry, and wood ceilings accented with nautical style beams.  Complete with elevated pilot station and wooden ship’s wheel, … Read More

Houseboats off the NWMLS

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Seattle Houseboats, barges and Floating homes — OH MY! Have you heard the latest news on Seattle Houseboats (or, perhaps the most accurate news, that is)??? For a summary of the definitions of Houseboats, House Barges, and Floating Homes PLEASE CLICK HERE. Did you notice Houseboats are no longer listed on the NWMLS (Northwest Multiple Listing Service), or did you think there are no houseboats for sale? On the contrary, there … Read More

New Houseboats in Seattle are Not Permitted!

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  NEW HOUSEBOATS IN SEATTLE WATERS (SMP) ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! Seattle Department of Planning and Development proposed the new Shoreline Master Plan to the Seattle City Council in January 2013. This proposal was accepted and approved by the full council to be submitted to Department of Ecology. The Review process for Department of Ecology can take 6 months to a year to review the hundreds of pages of proposed changes … Read More

Houseboat Lending Program Suspended through Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

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Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union has suspended Houseboat lending stating they are “at our policy concentration limit”. Very dissapointing news! In addition they state “Floating home loan program will continue to be offered with 15 year and 20 year fixed rate/term offerings. We will no longer offer the 30 year amortization with 15 year balloon product.” Additionally SMCU states they are approacing their concentration limit on some docks which might limit … Read More