Floating Property INFO

As specialists in all types of water properties, we can help you with floating homes, houseboats in addition to waterfront property anywhere in the Puget Sound area. Purchasing a floating property can be quite different than purchasing a land-based residential property. We can help you through this process. 


TIP (CAM)-229 (Client Assistance Memo) describes the requirements for Floating Homes, FOWR’s (Floating On-Water Residences, also known as Houseboats). Please refer to this document if you are considering buying or selling one of these properties.

TIP 229A Seattle Shoreline Permitting Requirements for Floating On-Water Residences (FOWR) and Barges.

TIP 250 Best Management Practices in Seattle’s Shoreline District

Seattle Code Questions and requirements for floating properties.

Rental rules for floating properties:

Short-term rentals are NOT allowed in:


If you move your FOWR (Floating On-Water Residence) to a different slip or new location you must notify DCI by completing a form provided by DCI. More info here-

  • Notify your lender of your change of location
  • Notify your insurance provider of your change of location
  • If Coast Guard Registered, the notification may also be required

Considering buying or selling a floating property? Email [email protected]. Linda M  Bagley has lived on the lake aboard a FOWR for nearly 15 years and is the specialist on the lake.