Bellevue, WA Waterfront Homes for Sale

Waterfront homes are a luxury for numerous interested buyers. Bellevue waterfront homes come with many benefits and advantages that attract thousands of potential buyers and investors each year. If you are looking for Bellevue waterfront homes for sale, you can contact Special Agents Realty to guide you through all the information.

Who are we?

Special Agents Realty is one of the leading real estate companies that finds the right home for interested buyers and provides the perfect exposure to interested sellers. Whether you want to buy or sell your house, our team will be there to assist you with all the required information and formalities to get you what you want.

Our services

We have learned different skills in our working experience of nearly 20 years. You can contact us for any of these services for assistance. We shall ensure that you receive the best possible property at a reasonable price.

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Why purchase Bellevue waterfront homes?

Bellevue waterfront homes have various advantages that may tempt you to purchase them through our platform:


The beautiful environment that surrounds your waterfront home has unmatched beauty. You can find various beautiful wildlife species near your home in the lakes, canals, and sky while you enjoy the view.


Having a warm cup of tea while enjoying the natural beauty outside your home will surely reduce your stress and anxiety levels significantly. Moreover, if your family members have respiratory problems, living in a waterfront house is your best option as the air quality is the best, and they will not face breathing issues.


If you plan to sell your waterfront home, you can get a higher value than what you bought it for because of the increase in the number of interested buyers. In this way, purchasing a waterfront home acts as an investment for your future benefits.

Why choose us?

Our key features and unique points will help you choose us as your best partner:


We have been working in the real estate business for the past 20 years. Our experience and way of assisting our customers have helped us understand how to introduce buyers to sellers and vice versa.


We excel in property dealings involving waterfront properties, luxury homes, floating properties, and residential real estate. We participate in the selling and buying of such properties and homes.


Whether you are a first-time buyer or seller or an experienced investor, you can contact us for all of your deals. We shall help you find the right home and investors for your property to get you the best offers.


We have a wide network with thousands of connections that are willing to sell and purchase land properties. You can easily find the right buyer or seller for your property at the earliest.


We keep client satisfaction our top priority. We ensure that our client faces no problem during the purchasing or selling of the desired land property with no legal problems and the client is happy with the property. You can check the reviews that our clients left for us on social media platforms.

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