Mercer Island, WA

Signs of a Good Real Estate Agent

When buying or selling a home, a person usually experiences two main emotions: excitement and fear. Homeownership is one of the biggest purchases that a person may ever make. With 40% of first-time home buyers finding the event stressful, finding a good real estate agent in Mercer Island, WA is crucial in alleviating stress. Contact us today!

Knowing what to look for when picking an agent is critical. Personality and character traits truly matter. You want to be sure that their personality matches yours because it makes the process more enjoyable when you like meeting up with your agent. A good real estate agent’s character traits should be trustworthiness, sincerity, integrity, work ethic, and empathy.

What Good Agents Should Do?

  • Be Accessible and Have Your Best Interest in Mind: The agent should be responsive to calls and emails. Open communication will make the process easier and will give you clear information. A good agent shouldn’t be dismissive of your wants and needs. They should pay attention to small details and offer you help when needed.

  • Keep You Educated: During the process, you should always get knowledge of the housing market from your agent. The agents should be able to give you advice and understanding on budgets, goals, and comps in the area you want to be in. This will provide you with a realistic expectation of pricing. Having an agent like this will allow you to know what questions and problems to be insightful of.

  • Be a Skilled Negotiator: In this industry, being a good negotiator is a must. Even though homes have a selling price, many factors can contribute to negotiating a reasonable price. It is also important for your agent to be level-headed and not negotiate with emotions. When the agent negotiates objectively, it can help buy or sell the home.

  • Be Knowledgeable of Technology: A good real estate agent in Mercer Island, WA, will be utilizing old and new technology alike to help buyers and sellers. For example, 3D virtual tours have become a normal option, allowing buyers to get a better sense of a home before they set foot in it. Another option utilizing new technology includes showcasing the home using drones. This will give a potential buyer a better view of the home’s roof, yard, and surrounding area. Implementing tech will provide buyers and sellers both with a better outcome.

  • Have a Strong Marketing Plan: If you’re selling the home, your real estate agent should come to you with a plan to market your home. The agent should use social media marketing and photography to host an open house. A solid social media presence can put you directly in front of a buyer or with another agent who knows a potential buyer. 80% of sellers believe hosting open houses is an excellent service and gives good potential to find a homebuyer.

For a good real estate agent in Mercer Island, WA, that offers all these qualities, contact Special Agents Realty today! We can give you peace of mind as you become a homebuyer or home seller.

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