Special Agents Realty – February Newsletter

linda bagley
Happy Valentines Day! Our cover photo this month was taken during a short break with our kids to visit Orlando, Kennedy Space Center and a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. The Space Center turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. If you get a chance to visit Florida, we HIGHLY recommend the Kennedy Space Visitor Center. Now, back to Real Estate! First and foremost, we are … Read More

Houseboats Back on the MLS!

Linda Bagley
Houseboats Back on the MLS! We are VERY excited and proud to announce that Houseboats will be back on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) as of July 24th, 2015. It is hard to believe that just over a year ago, we, Kevin & Linda Bagley began this endeavor on June 4th, 2014 by meeting with Jerry McDonald, Administrator of Real Estate Programs for Washington State, and Lewis Denny, Manager … Read More

Special Agents Houseboats Featured on Tiny Houseboat Hunters TONIGHT

Linda Bagley
Special Agents Houseboats Featured on Tiny Houseboat Hunters TONIGHT Crank up your TIVO’s and DVR’s!  Tiny Houseboat Hunters episode featuring Special Agents Houseboats will air tonight on the FYI Network! AIR TIME: 7:00 pm PST Channel – consult your TV provider guide     CLICK TO WATCH PREVIEW Join Special Agents Houseboats with Jason and his friend Sean as Jason looks for the perfect houseboat. This episode was shot at … Read More

Seattle Houseboat Update

Linda Bagley
Houseboat Regulations Update Floating On Water Residences, House Barges & Vessels With Dwelling Units For the last 4 years, houseboat owners have been struggling to stay afloat in Seattle. Not much news has been published since last summer, so we wanted to provide an update and offer some new information. Please note that the information provided here is NOT official, but rather is representative of our understanding of the current … Read More

Proclamation: Seattle Houseboat Day

Linda Bagley
November 1st is a proud day for Houseboat Owners as Mayor McGinn signs the proclamation making November 1st, Seattle Houseboat Day.  A small, but iconic on-water Seattle neighborhood has been fighting for their existence for the last 3 years, and only recently has seen a change in policy direction that will result in permitting the continued existence of Houseboats in Seattle waters.  While those Houseboats currently being used as live-aboard … Read More

Mayor McGinn to Work With Houseboat Owners

Linda Bagley
BREAKING NEWS: Mayor McGinn to Work With Houseboat Owners After 3 long years of negotiations, testimonies, extensive letter writing campaigns, and numerous meetings, houseboat owners may be able to breath a sigh of relief.  Mayor Mike McGinn has indicated he will work with Houseboat owners to reach an equitable solution to the question: “Do houseboat-vessels meet the criteria of being designed and used for navigation with a means of self … Read More

Keria Knightly

Linda Bagley
  Shhhhhh! Yes, Miss Keria Knightly news was true, for the month June through July 8th, 2013 she rented a fabulous floating home on Lake Union in Seattle!!! The secret was well kept! Special Agents Realty and Special Agents Houseboats (Linda & Kevin Bagley) worked very hard to locate a floating home or houseboat for Miss Keira Knightly to stay a month while filming her new movie “Laggies”.  It had to … Read More

Linda & Kevin Bagley Radio Interview About Houseboats & Floating Homes

Linda Bagley
Ben Brashen with KKNW 1150 interviewed Linda and Kevin Bagley on 6-19-2013, owners of Special Agents Realty and Special Agents Houseboats on his show Brashenomics. The interview provides an excellent overview of the differences between Houseboats and Floating Homes, the houseboat buying process, and a great introduction to houseboat life. The interview is helpful to those wanting to learn about Seattle Houseboats and Seattle Floating Homes, what is involved in … Read More

Charming Seattle Houseboat

Linda Bagley
  True Seattle Charm True Seattle Charm This beautiful Seattle Houseboat has been kissed with Charm and a touch of Whimsy. Experience the Seattle Houseboat lifestyle in this fantastic 2 bedroom updated houseboat. The spacious 2nd level deck is partially covered allowing you to maximize your outdoor living experience. Curl up next to the fireplace and actually enjoy a rainy day! The cute kitchen features a copper countertop and there … Read More