Special Agents Houseboats Featured on Tiny Houseboat Hunters TONIGHT

Special Agents Houseboats Featured on Tiny Houseboat Hunters TONIGHT

Crank up your TIVO’s and DVR’s!  Tiny Houseboat Hunters episode featuring Special Agents Houseboats will air tonight on the FYI Network!

AIR TIME: 7:00 pm PST

Channel – consult your TV provider guide
Join Special Agents Houseboats with Jason and his friend Sean as Jason looks for the perfect houseboat. This episode was shot at 3 different marinas in Seattle; Canal Marina, China Harbor Marina, and Seattle Marina. You will enjoy the tour of these 3 wonderful and uniquely Seattle Houseboats named Zingaro, Nick of Time, and Urban 5. For houseboat owners, small spaces are commonplace, but for many, the idea of living in a tiny space can be intimidating. Living on a houseboat in Seattle means compromising on space, but gaining on lifestyle, views, and community. Houseboats are a limited commodity in Seattle, with new regulations putting a tight lid on any new houseboats coming in to the city, so the opportunity to own a Seattle houseboat is becoming limited. If you want to see what houseboats are available, and to see examples of what houseboats have recently sold in the Seattle area, visit Seattle-Houseboat.com.

Special Agents Houseboats has had the privilege of participating in the filming of a number of Houseboat related TV shows, including two episodes of HGTV House(boat) Hunters, HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunters, and FYI Tiny House(boat) Hunters.  We receive a number of inquiries every year to do this type of filming, but with time restrictions, we are not able to participate with every request.

Want to learn more about houseboats and the houseboat lifestyle? Thinking about buying a Houseboat? Take a look at our Houseboat Buying Guide. Just want to browse houseboats and get a closer look? See the Sleepless In Seattle lifestyle on a budget at Seattle-Houseboat.com.

Be sure to tune in Tonight at 7pm PST on the FYI Network. Let us know what you think of the episode.

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