Seattle Might Turn Up a Few Surprises

Seattle has stereotypes to spare; rainy days, coffee shops galore, fish markets and a culture defined by hippies and slackers. There may be kernels of truth in some of these images, but this exciting and intelligent city has much more going on than just the tired clichés that outsiders rely upon. The best thing to do is check out Seattle for yourself in order to evaluate its merits as a vacation destination; it’s a safe bet that you won’t be disappointed.

From a distance, it’s already possible to see a few of Seattle’s major draws. The Space Needle is of course an integral part of the skyline, and a visit to the observation deck is practically expected of all visitors. It may seem unoriginal, but the view will be worth it. Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, Lake Union, and the tiny people below you will make for a few wow-inducing moments and an excellent entry into your cosmopolitan trip. Pick out a few interesting landmarks from 520 feet above the ground and then make your way over to see them up close and personal.

One such eye-catcher is the Experience Music Project. Frank Gehry certainly has a distinctive architectural style, and the inside of the museum is just as mind-boggling as the shiny, sloping, ultra-modern exterior. Hands-on activities and exhibits that are just plain cool will amaze and inspire music lovers and tone-deaf visitors alike. From Jimi Hendrix to the latest technologies and trends, culture and sound merge here in harmony to create a true experience that will leave no one disappointed.

Seattle’s waterfront scene should not be missed. Experiencing a natural wonder in the midst of the city is always a treat, and visiting Bell Street Pier will deposit you in just such a study in contrasts. The plaza attracts people of all kinds who are seeking a good meal, a place to shop and a glimpse of authentic marina life, so join in the fun. The Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center will teach you a thing or two about the history of Puget Sound and the many restaurants will allow you to get your seafood fix while taking in the panoramic view.
Several museums and art galleries will further your journey of cultural enrichment. The Seattle Asian Art Museum celebrates Eastern influences on this region of the country, and the Frye Art Museum is always free to the public. If anyone in your group has an interest in the paranormal, don’t miss the Museum of the Mysteries, where UFO’s, strange occurrences and unusual history can be explored in eerie depth. Post-modern architecture buffs will enjoy simply strolling around town and keeping a lookout for gems like the Downtown Public Library, which some people compare to a spacecraft.

Of course, any time is a good time for a cup of joe in this city, and finding a place to grab a latte will not be a problem. A certain ubiquitous chain began its fight for world-domination here, but there are plenty of unique and independent cafes as well. The food in general is pretty good, ranging from Asian infusion to high-class cuisine. Play it casual or break out the pearls, there will be a bistro or bar to satisfy every taste.

Because it’s impossible to ignore, it’s best to just accept it; yes, it frequently rains in Seattle. That doesn’t meant you’ll end up twiddling your thumbs as you watch the gutters fill with water, however; there’s plenty to do that will take your mind off the drizzle and convince you of Seattle’s potent charms. This wouldn’t be such a happening and desirable place if the town shut down due to a few raindrops. Historic movie theatres, salsa clubs that shake and shimmy long into the night, the aforementioned museums, and an off the wall sculpture landmark known as the Fremont Troll will allow you to stay dry without missing a beat. It’s best not to be scared of a little rain, and at the end of your stay you’ll probably hardly notice the pitter patter of drops on the windowpane.

While Seattle is filled with hotels, in the unconventional spirit of the city it would be worth it to consider renting a vacation property. This way, you could feel like a local as you cook breakfast in your downtown condo before emerging onto the street with a game plan that involves zero stress or hassle. Waterfront homes will allow you to get your fill of the stunning scenery without taking you too far from the heart of all the action, and high rise town homes with amazing views will add a touch of luxury to your getaway. Think about it, it might just be the element that makes this trip positively magical.

Bring your umbrella along and prepare to indulge in a few cups of java, but be ready for the possibility that Seattle will surprise you, too. There’s much to see and do, so check out the Seattle Vacation Rentals online and entertain the idea of leaving a few worn out misconceptions behind. is an extensive marketplace of vacation rentals in locations all over the world.

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