If you’ve ever wanted to live in the big city and on the water but had trouble deciding which to settle on, then Seattle floating homes are for you. Nicknamed the Emerald City for good reason, Seattle is a beautiful and vibrant city on the inland coast of Washington state and few who move there ever want to leave. And the best part? People like you can buy property right on lovely Lake Union. Not on the shore, but on the lake itself. You can’t beat that view for waterfront property. On nice days, the water fills with sail boats and birds in a lively (and quiet!) display to watch while sitting on your floating porch with a cup of locally roasted coffee. And the best part? No yard to mow. Unless putting on diving gear and swimming down to clip the sea grass is really your thing.

Living in Seattle floating homes means you get the gentle tranquility of life on the water while being close enough to town to just hop across the marina to the bus stop or parking lot to take you wherever you need to go. Beauty, quiet, and convenience all wrapped up into one. A quick hop on the bus can deliver you to Gasworks Park, boasting nearly a mile of jog-able paths and rolling hills, or unique mechanical machinery for those who are a little more artistically inclined. Popular for photo shoots and art. Take a trip downtown for the world famous Pike Place Market, the iconic Space Needle which is surrounded by the Seattle Science Center. Not only is it educational, but plays host to world touring exhibits. Just in the last few years, the Harry Potter and King Tut exhibits made their way through, attracting thousands of curious and fascinated fans.

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