Seattle proper is home to a number of neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive personality and charm. Georgetown with its South Seattle attitude, or Funky Fremont with its unpredictible character. Seattle’s neighborhoods are charming, funky, elegant, crazy, wild, tame, entertaining and more! We would love to help you explore your favorite neighborhood and discover its unique charm and character. This is our opening blog about Seattle neighborhoods and surrounding communities. In future blogs, we will detail information for each of these neighborhoods, so you will want to come back and watch for new Seattle Communities blogs.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the Seattle neighborhoods. In this post, we will take a brief tour of the North Seattle communities. Note: this is not a comprehensive list, and we will detail the communities in future blogs!

North Seattle

Seattle Broadview Map


stretching from Carkeek Park to the Northern boundary of Seattle, this neighborhood is primarily residential with many homes facing the Puget Sound and offering excellent views. There are also a number of condos and townhomes in the area so this community can also be quite affordable.

Seattle - Northgate map


is north-central Seattle and is in close proximity to Northgate Mall. There are a large number of residential homes, most of which will fall in Seattle’s lower price range. Additionally, there are a lot of condos, townhomes, and apartments in this region. This area is very convenient for access to downtown and points north, and is very shopping friendly. A short hop from here to University of Washington makes this a reasonable alternative to University district living.

Seattle - Lake City map

Lake City

includes the smaller neighborhoods of Olympic Hills, Cedar Park, Victory Heights, Meadowbrook, and Matthew’s Beach. A great diversity of styles and prices encompass this area. Whether your shopping for affordable housing, or luxury waterfront, Lake City has it all. Combine this with convenient access to UOW, Downtown and Lake Washington, and the Lake City area could be the neighborhood you are looking for.

Seattle - Ballard map


is a popular neighborhood with many great dining and entertainment options. Bordered on the south by Ship Canal, and on the west by Puget Sound, Ballard is water oriented, but also significantly residential, with some commercial development thrown in for good measure. Ballard prices have been on the upswing as a result of being a hot market and a desirable area.

Seattle Fremont-Wallingford-Greenlake Map


are technically part of the Ballard neighborhood, but have come to be know independently. Each of these districts are highly desireable neighborhoods with increasing rents and prices. Fremont is known for being quirky, funky, and fun. Great restaurants, unique art, and fun entertainment venues are the hallmarks of this neighborhood. Fremont is the Center of the Universe. Greenlake has some classic Seattle homes surrounding Greenlake. Expect to pay a premium for a well maintained, older home that has views of the lake. Also, within the Greenlake area are many townhomes and condominiums that will fit just about every budget. Wallingford is also known for great restaurants and dining. On the south end, Wallingford is bordered by Lake Union, and many homes have views of the Seattle skyline and Lake Union. Also, the north end of Lake Union is home to a number of Houseboats, which you can learn about at

Seattle - University District map

University District

This area is, of course, home to the University of Washington. As such, much of the housing is devoted to student housing. However, this district also encompasses some fabulous homes with views of Portage Bay and Union Bay (part of Lake Washington). Prices can range from the low 200’s to multi millions in this area. A fabulous location to set down your roots, or to attend the University. Great shopping and walkability are features of University District.

Coming soon: Central Seattle

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