Any Seattle city guide, will always kick-off by referring to the nickname entitled to Seattle city- ‘the emerald city’. The emerald like greenery spawning in the surrounding area should corroborate the words of the Seattle city guide. Seattle, a coastal city (yes, it harbors a port too) of the United States, is located in the State of Washington and is also the largest city in the Pacific North-west region of the U.S. Geographically, Seattle city is located between ‘Puget Sound’ (an arm of the vast pacific ocean) and Lake Washington. The Canada-U.S border is around ninety-six miles away from Seattle city.
Taking a break from the altitudes and longitudes of Seattle city, it would be better if the Seattle city guide hits on a venture around the city. Firstly, the ‘Space Needle’ should undoubtedly top the Seattle city guide into being the most recognizable landmark in the city. The logo of the T.V series ‘Frasier’ or the backgrounds of a T.V series ‘Grey’s anatomy’ and another named ‘Icarly’ should help one in envisaging ‘the space needle’, or perhaps sweet memories of the movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ should help more. Seattle center, surrounding the ‘Space needle’ is a host venue to several civic events along with few cultural extravaganzas like ‘folklife’ and ‘bite of the Seattle’. Few of the other important landmarks of the city which ought to be mentioned in the Seattle city guide are: The Columbia center, which stands tall with 76 storeys to be the tallest building in the North in the Pacific Northwest, the ‘Washington Manual tower’, which is Seattle’s second tallest skyscraper, the Fremont Troll, the Seattle Central Library, the experience music project, the Pike Place Market and the Starbucks Center (the largest building by volume).
Seattle city guide can’t just be complete by listing few skyscrapers of the city. Seattle city, also called the ‘Rainy city’ has much more to offer. The ambience around the countryside of Seattle city, where greenery abodes in all forms possible, is much more beautiful than the description provided by any Seattle city guide! A glance to the volcanic (yet a marvelous treat to eyes) Cascade Range in the east during early mornings should be an ideal start to any day. The picturesque views that the city offers is something a Seattle city guide can’t miss on. Queen Anne hill, the downtown Seattle skyline, the Elliot bay and the Lake Union views from the Space needle can be rightly called (by this Seattle city guide at least) a picture perfect scenery. The beauty of the Seattle waterfront across the Eliot bay, viewed from the Alki point, compels any Seattle city guide to mention its name in it. Lake Union, typically famous for the umpteen houseboats around has seaplanes, ships spread through along with sail boats and all the amazing utilities of water sports for enthusiasts.

The climate of Seattle is mild and wet in winters and is quite dry in summers. It rains for around 225 days in a year in Seattle. The population here ranks 23rd in U.S and is increasing every year, thanks to the opportunities and jobs available in the city that entices people. A line from the title song of a T.V series which goes like “The greenest green you ever seen, in Seattle’, probably sums up the entirety of a Seattle city guide.

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