National Realtors Open House Event April 20th and 21st

Thinking of listing your home?  You have time to get your home ready to make the best first impression for new buyer’s and I have prepared a list of to do’s so you are ready.

  1. Do a pre-inspection on your home to help you avoid dealing with unforeseen issues during the negotiations. Think of this as your handyman to-do list and hire professionals as needed. Save your receipts for all your work, you may need these receipts for the potential buyer and possibly for your taxes (check with your CPA).
  2. Meet with your Real Estate Broker who will provide a Comparative Market Analysis for your home, discuss listing price and may have suggestions on what you may be able to do to get the best value for prospective buyer’s.  Your Realtor may also recommend previewing active listings in your market area. This will be your competition. In addition you will want to discuss with your Realtor buying a home and ask for a lender referral. This will be a good time to meet with Lender you trust and discuss with them what you need to do to get pre-approved for buying a home. Getting your pre-approval before you list your home may save a lot of headaches when you get an offer on your home. You need to be ready to buy.
  3. This is Spring and “Curb Appeal” is very important. To get buyer’s in the door you need an inviting entry, so power-wash moss, paint and freshen up with flowers and new bark. Hire a yard service if you need the help, because this will pay off in the price you get for the home.
  4. Minimize! De-personalize and organize your home and get rid of the clutter. That doesn’t mean cramming it in the closets and garage, it means consider getting rid of things never or rarely used. Buyer’s need to see that the home is not over crowed and there will be room for their things. If it is cluttered, it will be difficult for buyer’s to see beyond your belongings. I recommend placing things you are not using in storage tubs. It can be less daunting to pack them later if you have them already packed in easy to move storage containers. Consider renting a storage unit for a few months while the home is listed.
  5. Change out all the light bulbs to brighter bulbs and clean all the light fixtures while your at it. Replace any broken or outdated light fixtures, but try to stay with period fixtures.
  6. Clean the windows inside and out. I recommend using hot-water with a very small amount of dish soap. Always show your home with all the lights on and window coverings open to let in the light.
  7. If you need to paint consider lighter neutral colors.  Get a designer if you need help choosing colors, but stay neutral.
  8. If something is broken replace it or fix it. Buyer’s want to know you have taken care of your home.
  9. Clean, clean, clean! Whether you hire deep cleaning house cleaner or you do it your self, it is very important to clean the home, including the carpets.
  10. Consider getting your home staged. Partial staging will go a long way when selling a home and statistically a lightly staged home will sell first. Even if it is not the better home.
  11. List your home for sale and plan for many showings in your first week or two. Your Realtor will work with you on the best showing times and Open House times.

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