Moods of the Lake

Moods of the Lake

Living in a houseboat allows you to feel the water, and you learn after a while that the lake has moods. Sometimes it is happy, sometimes it is sad, sometimes angry, sometimes mysterious, but it seems to me, always beautiful.

This morning, the lake woke up in a mysterious mood. The water had not even a ripple, and the light diffused by the fog created an eerily beautiful tapestry to be taken in quietly. We savor each day we live on the lake and appreciate all of its moods, even if on occasion they keep us up at night. Did I mention that the lake is sometimes angry?

Is the lake for everyone? No, but for those willing to sacrifice space, brave the occasional storm, periodically adjust their lines, living on a houseboat can be an amazing lifestyle. Stay tuned as I post more Moods of the Lake.

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