Moods of the Lake 2

Moods of the Lake 2

Living in a houseboat allows you to feel the water, and you learn after a while that the lake has moods. Sometimes it is happy, sometimes it is sad, sometimes angry, sometimes mysterious, but it seems to me, always beautiful.

When I shot this picture this morning, I was struggling with what mood the lake was in.  This view only lasted a couple of minutes and it reminded me of a Peacock, spreading its tail feathers. So the mood I presumptuously assigned to the lake was Showing Off. Alright, that may not be a mood – maybe prideful?  What do you think?

In any case, Lake Union in Seattle can invoke a variety of feelings and presents astonishing beauty for a small, urban lake. There is an amazing variety to the views and even the amount of wildlife surprises us. There is a vast amount of activity, both man made and natural. We never dreamed that living in a houseboat could be this awe inspiring, surprising, and just down right fun. Every day is a vacation.

I would love to hear your comments… What mood do you think the lake was in?

Stay tuned for more “Moods of the Lake.”

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