Seattle floating homes offer a unique style of living. In Seattle, you can live in a floating home situated on one of Seattle’s established water communities located on Lake Union, East Lake, West Lake, Wards Cove, Portage Bay, and Lake Washington. Homes include single floating houses for sale and rent.

Floating homes are unique in that they don’t have the traditional foundation and sewage setup. They are always constructed on a float and moored on a slip. The house is secured to the dock with ropes so it can rise and fall with the tide. A macerator or “honey Pot” pumps sewage through a hose to the shoreline. This mechanism is a 30 to 50 gallon tank that reduces the sewage to 1/16 of its original size before sending it ashore.

Usually all the utilities, especially potable water are provided by the marina. Occasionally the owner of the house is responsible for the setup of the utility connections. Most floating homes use cell phones and wireless internet connections. They also use satellite television connections instead of cable for the moat part.

These Seattle floating homes come in single story and two story buildings. Buy or rent a one bedroom, one bathroom home or choose up to a three bedroom, two bathroom home.

There are a recurring mooring fees charged by the marina that last indefinitely. Floating home dwellers pay higher insurance rates than the average land locked resident. The tradeoffs are some additional costs, but the lifestyle has many benefits: no property taxes, no landscaping and no snow shoveling. Most importantly, the resident of a floating home has a guaranteed water view. There will never be object or building permanently blocking their view of the water.

When a home is moored on a float, it moves as the tide moves. It’s rare that there is any significant movement. The slow roll of the waves generates a gentle roll which is barely felt and may be considered soothing by many. Plus, the resident can live comfortably with all the amenities of a traditional home and he always has a great view of the water.

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