Lake Union Beat features Houseboat vs. Floating Homes

Lake Union Beat features  Houseboats vs. Floating Homes article by Special Agents Realty broker, Kevin Bagley in their premier issue.

We are very excited to announce that Special Agents Realty has 2 prominent positions in the premier issue of the Lake Union Beat.

The  Lake Union Beat is the brainchild of Peter Charles Hansen and focuses on Life in the Heart of Seattle. The premier issue is 12 pages, but they are hoping to double the size of the paper by their second issue. With articles focusing on topics and issues related to Lake Union living, the nearby neighborhoods and businesses, this topical paper is sure to be a big hit.

In the premier issue, the article “Houseboat vs. Floating Home; Which is better? A houseboat, or a floating home? For that matter, what’s the difference?” was created by yours truly and was featured on our Special Agents Realty blog. This article details the technical differences and points out advantages and disadvantages to both houseboats and floating homes.

In addition to the article on Houseboats and Floating Homes, the entire 11 x 17 back page of the newspaper features 3 of Special Agents Realty Houseboat & House barge listings in the Seattle, Lake Union area. These houseboats are the most affordable way to experience waterfront you can put your toes in. Plus, they have the advantage of being located near great Seattle Neighborhoods like Fremont, Wallingford, Westlake, and the University district.

We are truly excited for Peter Charles Hansen and the Lake Union Beat newspaper and look forward to reading about the Heart of Seattle and Lake Union living.  Best of Luck to Peter Charles!!!

Pick up a copy and show it to your friends. Also, spread the word on the great neighborhood publication that is fun, topical, and of great interest to those living on and around Lake Union.

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