Is South Lake Union A Good Place To Live?

South Lake Union is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, located just north of downtown Seattle. The neighborhood was named from its location near the southern point of the Lake Union, located inside Seattle, Washington’s city boundaries.

South Lake Union is a one-of-a-kind area with 170 acres of parks, community facilities, LEED-certified business and residential buildings, lakefront access, and various alternative transportation choices. Residents and business owners alike are drawn to the neighborhood because of its pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and contemporary approach to place-making.

Public art, pocket parks, and historic buildings give peace and culture. From retail to life sciences to tech start-ups, all businesses in South Lake Union share a drive to innovate and adapt.

Technology Powerhouse

South Lake Union is one of Seattle’s fastest-growing areas and a rapidly evolving technological powerhouse. Amazon relocated its headquarters to South Lake Union, dubbed “Amazonia” by people living in South Lake Union, more than a decade ago. The Amazon campus includes 27 offices in the region, which has resulted in an inflow of IT employees.

Google and Facebook both established offices in South Lake Union in 2010. Because of its emphasis on connection, technology, and community, the Brookings Institute named the area one of seven Innovation Districts in the United States.

Life Sciences Hub

Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, contributed $30 million to kick-start an attempt to buy property in South Lake Union to realize the City of Seattle’s concept of the Seattle Commons. This large park would extend from the downtown center to Lake Union. Even though the initiative was not adopted, Allen switched gears and established Vulcan Real Estate.

South Lake Union is becoming a hotspot for life science firms due to recent development proposals by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. and other notable developers. A few of the South Lake Union hubs are the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, Battelle, Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Allen Institutes for Brain Science and Cell Science, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, PATH, Rosetta, Bio-Rad, Zymogenesis, and the University of Washington Medicine.

The University Of Washington School Of Medicine’s South Lake Union Campus houses 1250 people (researchers and employees) in four buildings. The Bratman Building is the oldest and includes four floors of biotechnology and medical research facilities.

Four center’s concentrate on Allergy & Inflammation, Cardiovascular Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Lung Biology, and Translational Medicine in Women’s Health, among the many research fields.

Walkability And Transportation

South Lake Union currently features a wide mix of retail shops, office buildings, condominiums, and apartments, all of which were planned to emphasize walkability, great public transit, and sustainable design and construction. A short walk from downtown Seattle is South Lake Union. According to Walk Score, South Lake Union is the seventh most walkable neighborhood in Seattle. The neighborhood gets an 80 for biking and an 89 for transportation.

South Lake Union Streetcar

The South Lake Union Streetcar started service in 2007, linking Westlake Center to the south end of Lake Union at Yale Avenue N., near the Cascade Neighborhood and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The South Lake Union line, in service since 2007, is the Seattle Streetcar’s first segment.

The line connects Seattle’s fast-growing South Lake Union district to the city’s dynamic downtown center. It is 1.3 miles long, has seven stops, and is lined with stores and restaurants and Lake Union’s waterfront park. The South Lake Union line also connects to other public transportation systems, including the Link light rail, Monorail, and Metro Transit.


The hub of Seattle’s flourishing tech industry is also home to an array of enticing sights, tastes, and sensations. Many bachelors live in the area The area attracts a high proportion of people with a bachelor’s degree or above and a higher proportion of single inhabitants who rent rather than married couples who purchase. South Lake Union houses many young working groups, and a major part of the residents are liberals.

Accommodation For Low-Income Group

The Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI), a non-profit organization, presently owns 5 Cascade Neighborhood and Denny Triangle buildings. On May 20, 2008, Vulcan Real Estate inaugurated the workforce Borealis Apartments. Alley24 has set aside 20% of its units for people earning less than 60% of the median salary. In addition, in July 2008, Seattle’s Office of Housing began work on the low-income Cascade Senior Housing.

Public And Private Schools

The Seattle Public Schools, many of which are highly ranked, serve the majority of the homes in this region- Cascadia Elementary School, Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School, John Hay Elementary School, Montlake Elementary School, Pathfinder School, and Thornton Creek School. There are also a few private school choices in South Lake Union- Bright Horizons at South Lake Union, Eastside Catholic School, and Fusion Academy Seattle.


If you want to keep on continuing in South Lake Union, Northeastern University Seattle, among the top universities in the country, is your best option. Northeastern University, founded in 1898, is a top-tier, nonprofit research university that emphasises experiential learning. The institution provides in-demand degrees that meet the region’s essential need for highly educated workers.

Why is South Lake Union a Good Place For You to Live in?

South Lake Union offers everything that makes a wonderful neighborhood: outstanding public schools, tech employment possibilities, outdoor activities, nightlife alternatives, convenient commutes, and helpful facilities. All of this contributes to South Lake Union is a good place to live in.

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