Is It A Good Time To Buy Waterfront Homes In Seattle?

If you ask a realtor, “When is it a good time to invest in Seattle waterfront real estate? They’ll say, “Right now is the perfect time to invest in Seattle waterfront property. “And now means always. And if we’re honest, it is never a bad time to indulge in your Taylor Swift fantasies because the Windermere peaks do look like the perfect place to cry.

With “The Space Needle”, a huge hub in aerospace technology, the Port of Seattle, multiple lakes and environment based industries, and let us not forget; “Grey’s Anatomy “, what’s not to love about Seattle. Due to the Tech. Industry in the city, Seattle always has real estate to be looked at.

Why Invest In Waterfront Properties?

When it comes to the best time to buy any property, especially the Seattle waterfront homes, the market is booming from early spring to late summer. From April to September, Seattle waterfront property is for sale and is in high demand, thus keeping the prices low.

Waterfront properties have a unique air compared to inland properties. Think about the scenic summer holidays you and your family can spend playing near the water, the place where you teach your kids swimming and take them on ferry rides.

Seattle waterfront real estate provides you with Houseboats, Floating homes, and Lake houses so that you can have the home of your dreams.

Why Seattle?

U.S. News has ranked Seattle among the 10 best places to live in the USA. This city provides you with a perfect blend of urban cities and quiet ecological hubs. And with Seattle waterfront homes, you could build your life in this amazing city.

Seattle summers are marvellous. The city is known for being environmentally friendly, and most of its residents earn above average income. Seattle is a place for coffee lovers. Boasting warm summers, rains and optimal snow, this amazing city won’t let you miss out on any weather.

It has industrial companies for you to work in during the week and plenty of lakes and mountains to escape to at the weekends. The place is coveted for its seafood, especially shellfish, oysters and clams. The city also holds one of the country’s highest high school graduation rates, so even your children are all set.

Financial Investment

The Seattle waterfront homes for sale could be the perfect opportunity for you to make a long term investment. Buy a house with your spouse, raise your kids in it or keep it summer or retirement home. It would also make a perfect legacy to pass down to your kids.

There may be a significant amount of permits and regular maintenance you would have to undertake, but isn’t it worth it to wake up and have coffee overlooking the water and the movement of the sun? That being said, flood insurance in Washington does not come cheap. It can range from $600 to $1000.

However, flood insurance can be worth it even if you aren’t in a flood-prone area, so it is generally not a waste of money. You can choose from urban and more modern properties near the city and go towards quieter, more nature-filled homes on the outskirts. Let your children brag to their friends about the amazing summer they had diving off cliffs into the sea or kayaking in the lakes.

Seattle attracts tourists to visit its scenic islands, National parks, zoos and mountains. But it also attracts technical innovation with companies like Amazon, Microsoft and most importantly, the world headquarters of Boeing. Thus it is always a financially beneficial hub.

Historical Heritage

Originally, the Seattle houseboats were cheap living made with scraps of floating logs found in the water. And now, it has been a part of Seattle’s legacy for over a hundred years. “The Wagner Houseboat” or “The Old Boathouse” is a historic home on lake union.

It signifies the transition of south lake union from commercial to residential. It is one of Seattle’s oldest houseboats and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Seattle Waterfront Properties

Lake Washington is one of the largest lakes in the Seattle area. It provides popular boating, fishing and watersports and houses one of Seattle’s most exclusive waterfront neighborhood’s. That being said, it also has some neighborhood’s at much lower prices if you’re not a billionaire looking to splurge. But you certainly might run into one.

Puget Sound is the closest you will come to an ocean beach in Seattle. It is a saltwater inlet that has residences along the shoreline as well as multiple islands.

Lake Sammamish is a large lake that eventually drains out to lake Washington displays a wide array of neighborhood’s, from fairly modest to high class upscale.

Lake Union is known for its houseboats and floating homes if you are looking for something right on the water spanning from decent boats with a cabin to palatial floating homes with permanent fixtures.

The best thing about Seattle waterfront homes is that their market is not limited to any one type of community. The Seattle waterfront property for sale has a wide array of homes, from workday homes at fairly modest prices to massive investments that last a lifetime.

Why Us?

Investing in the Seattle waterfront real estate will help you fulfil your dream of the perfect home, and we can help you fulfill this dream. We have been in this business for almost 20 years now and are experienced in providing our customers with waterfront properties that fit their requirements. Wouldn’t you want to work with someone you trust to find you the best deal on the best house for you?

We can help you save money on your new Seattle waterfront property. To get the best of Seattle waterfront real estate, look for Seattle waterfront property for sale near you or call us at 206-419-0065.

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