Houseboats are making a comeback and for good reasons. Some buy a houseboat because they want to use it for recreational purposes, while others buy a houseboat because they are looking for a house that is low-maintenance, lightweight and easy to operate.

Keep in mind, there are several types of houseboats available such as: a barge, Catamaran, Pontoon, River Houseboats and houseboats that can be towed on a trailer. For each type of houseboat there are advantages and disadvantages. One advantage many like is the lifestyle of a houseboat. Some feel that with a houseboat they can escape from everyday life and have a lifestyle where they can enjoy the rhythm and flow of the water. Mobility is another advantage. If you want to live somewhere else, you can easily move your home. Check out Seattle-Houseboat for additional information on this topic.

One other disadvantage is the cost. When you buy a houseboat, lenders usually charge a higher interest rate than if a home were purchased on land. Most importantly, boats require regular maintenance and that would be an additional expense. However, before making a decision on a houseboat, there are certain tips that may help such as qualifying for a houseboat loan. As with any loan, it is best to shop around and compare quotes. In addition, if you have a reliable income and your boat has undergone an inspection and a marine survey, you can get a pre-approved loan.

Most importantly, most houseboat owners don’t have to pay property taxes but they do have to pay certain fees once they purchase the houseboat. Be sure to check out tax breaks before buying a houseboat and think carefully before making a decision.

To conclude, houseboats are gaining in popularity and for good reasons. Find out more about houseboats from Seattle Houseboats.

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