Househunters Houseboat Re-Run

RE-RUN RE-RUN Presentation of… RE-RUN RE-RUN

HGTV Houseboat Hunters episode

Featuring Special Agents Realty and Scott Dosset

TUNE IN  Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 11:30 AM e/p

Okay, we were trying to be classy by using the term “Encore” but now we are going to call it what it is… RERUN!

But we still love it. If you missed the first 2 airings of this fund houseboat episode, here’s your chance! If you’ve already seen it twice, watching it a third time means you should be buying a houseboat. It is the only way to alleviate this affliction!

Give us a call! (206) 419-0065!!

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