HGTV House Hunters: Houseboat Episode Airs

Seattle Houseboat HGTV Episode Airs

Scott Dosset and his sister Amy did an outstanding job in their television debut on HGTV’s special episode House Hunters: Houseboats, which aired on 12/30 at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm.  Agent Kevin Bagley with Special Agents Realty assisted Scott in his houseboat search (in reality, Kevin and Linda Bagley). Comments from those that viewed the episode have been very positive.

It was clear that Seattle was at its finest during the filming, with outstanding weather and lots of activity on Lake Union. HGTV’s House Hunter format is pretty standardized with 3 properties considered, leaving the audience guessing as to which one will be chosen.  There is definitely some misdirection that goes on, just to make sure the audience is kept in suspense. As one of the “stars,” I was very surprised at the amount of work it takes on the part of the participants. The segment was filmed over a week long period in August, and comprised 20 hours of video tape to produce the 20 minute episode.

Clearly, Scott had to work even harder. He was tasked to do things like Paddle boarding, Bicycling, Kayaking, Fly Fishing, window washing, and to top it off, he even had to throw a party for his friends and neighbors specifically for the show. As the week went by, we were impressed at what a good sport Scott was at accommodating the film crew requests.

I have to say, that in spite of the amount of work involved,  it was fun and in the end, was worth the effort. We hope you enjoy some of the “Behind the Scenes” pics that we are posting.

If you saw the episode, we would love to hear from you.  Send us an email with your impressions!

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