Not everyone can afford a yacht or beachfront property. Fortunately, Seattle houseboats come at a discount. As the name suggests, a houseboat is simply a boat which has been modified to have all the modern conveniences of a home. This allows the owner to move around on the lake or ocean and spend their nights there. These mobile homes usually have air conditioning, a toilet, bathroom, a mini kitchen and a bedroom. This allows the owner to cook, sleep and travel in the boat. When tethered to the shore, houseboats can be connected to a gas, water and electricity supply. You can buy a houseboat and make it your permanent home or a vacation home. You can also make weekend getaways and go fishing in the boat. That said, buying a houseboat can increase the quality of your life.

Where to Buy Seattle Houseboats

At any given time, there are thousands of houseboats on the market, but the average person may not be able to find them. This is because most people normally use real estate agencies to sell their boats, so you have to find a well established real estate firm operating in Seattle to help you find a houseboat which can meet all your needs. Special Agents Realty has a large database of different types of properties ranging from industrial and commercial properties to residential properties. The company also has a large database of houseboats for sale in the city of Seattle and the surrounding areas. Therefore, you may want to browse through their listings or contact them directly and give them the assignment. Whatever the case, the realtor will help you find what you’re looking for and assist you with the negotiations. Special Agents Realty will also help you close the deal. After all, you may not know how to transfer the title of the houseboat to your name.

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