Beachfront properties are always in high demand. For this reason, they come at a premium. Furthermore, they are in limited supply, which means not everyone who can afford these properties can find the perfect beachfront property. Fortunately, there are alternatives. For instance, Seattle floating homes offer nearly a 360-degree view of the water. This can be a lake or ocean. Furthermore, they can be moved. Floating homes, as the name suggests, are homes built on a floating surface which can accommodate the weight. They are similar to houseboats. The difference is that houseboats are more mobile and can be taken out into the water for fishing purposes while floating homes are usually tethered to the shore. Another difference is that floating homes have their own power supply while floating homes are usually connected to gas, power and water supply onshore.

Buying Seattle Floating Homes

There are many floating homes for sale in the city of Seattle. The key is to find one that meets your needs in terms of the number of bedrooms, size of the living room and general design. If you need a custom floating home, you can order one from local builders. Special Agents Realty is a real estate firm with a reputation of connecting buyers and sellers in the city of Seattle. The firm can not only help you find a floating home that suits your needs but also help you close the deal. After all, a floating home is not your conventional property, so transfer of ownership is somewhat different. In that regard, Special Agents Realty will help you close the transaction and ensure ownership of the property is transferred to you.

Why Work with Special Agents Realty

The key to finding the right property lies in working with a real estate agent with a lot of experience in the market and a well established network of buyers and sellers. In that regard, Special Agents Realty has a large database of sellers and works with other real estate agencies to ensure they always meet the client’s needs.

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