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Kevin Bagley

In loving memory of my best friend and love of my life! I will sincerely miss you by my side… 1954 – 2019

Life is Better When You Own It

I, Kevin Bagley, have always been a geek (plain and simple). Now I am a Geek that loves Real Estate! I used to have to spend my days keeping up with the latest coding techniques, application program interfaces, the latest programming language, etc. Now, I do that when I want, and apply it to our business model. This is the best of both worlds, because I can be geeky when I want, and it helps our business to excel above the rest. Incorporating technology into the Real Estate industry is fun, and we get to be on the bleeding edge. This also means that you will know we are using every tool at our disposal to provide you with the best service, the latest technology, and the infrastructure needed to help you sell or buy your home. We love to step outside the box to create new tools and methodologies that help our clients. BIO – Kevin & Linda Bagley Co-Owner’s / Broker’s Special Agents Realty and Special Agents Houseboats Special Agents Realty has been in business since 2002 with an extensive history of Land-Based Residential Sales and a specialty in Floating Properties (Floating Homes and Houseboats). We were married since 1972 and worked together for decades. As a result, we honed our skills to provide all aspects of Real Estate including marketing, client relations, negotiating, contracts, and financing with exceptional communications, consistency, and product knowledge. Having lived in the Puget Sound area for over 45 years in homes we have purchased & remodeled, condominiums, custom-built homes, and houseboats, we have had a very well rounded living experience. We lived aboard The KevLin on Lake Union – a 72-foot Paddlewheeler houseboat that we completely refurbished and remodeled. Our experience includes Real Estate and Mortgage Companies, Website Development, Information Technology, Information Systems, Networking, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing. Our Floating Property experience is extensive and we have been deeply involved with the Floating Property community since 2006. As founders of Lake Union Liveaboard Association (LULA), we helped formulate legislation that protected houseboats in Washington State. We also instigated legislation that allowed floating properties to be sold by Real Estate Brokers allowing them to be listed on the Multiple Listing Service. Travel and adventures with family and friends is what we love to do in our spare time.

Life Is Better When You Own It™

Call me at (206) 419-0065 and I will help you through the entire process. We have worked hard to build a referral-based business model in our Real Estate firm and sincerely thank you for your continued support. “Life Is Better When You Own It”