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Kevin Bagley

Managing Broker

Life is Better when You Own It

I, Kevin Bagley, have always been a geek (plain and simple). Now I am a Geek that loves Real Estate! I used to have to spend my days keeping up with the latest coding techniques, application program interfaces, latest programming language, etc. Now, I do that when I want, and apply it to our business model. This is the best of both worlds, because I can be geeky when I want, and it helps our business to excel above the rest. Incorporating technology into the Real Estate industry is fun, and we get to be on the bleeding edge. This also means that you will know we are using every tool at our disposal to provide you with the best service, the latest technology, and the infrastructure needed to help you sell or buy your home. We love to step outside the box to create new tools and methodologies that help our clients. I have also been a Mortgage Broker, so I thoroughly understand the lending process and can help you with that complicated side of the home buying process. This allows me to quickly pre-qualify buyers that may be interested in your home. As a team, Linda and I are unbeatable. You get the best of both worlds. While Linda understands the design, decor, location, amenities, street appeal, and the look and feel of a home, I can dissect the contract, understand the terms and conditions, review complicated HOA’s, even read and understand title reports. There is also this great Ying and Yang thing going on with us… We debate, we argue, we analyze, and together we provide an insight from 2 directions, giving you options and insights that you would never get from just one agent. Yes, we’re joined at the hip, so when you get one of us, you get both of us! Call me at (206) 915-3766 and I (uh, WE) will help you through the entire process. Referral Based Business We have worked hard to form a business different from other Real Estate and Mortgage businesses. Most other Brokers and Loan Originators spend the majority of their time looking for their next client. In contrast, we concentrate on providing the best service possible and have built a referral based business where the majority of our clients are referred to us by other clients that were very impressed with our service. This means we can spend even more time focusing on providing excellent service. “Excellence through honesty, integrity, experience, and knowledge.” Kevin Bagley Managing Broker / Co-owner