“Special Agents Realty does a fantastic job on finding a home that is perfect for you. They are a type of Realtor that tries to figure out exactly what you want by sending you a huge list of listings, exploring them, and then slowly narrowing down based on what your interests and your given price range. What is unique about Special Agent Realty is their patience and attention to detail. They aren’t going to rush you through the process of finding a perfect home. However they are going to remember exactly what you want so it will be hard to resist purchasing a home that is perfect for you. It doesn’t stop there! They also help you try to find the best mortgage broker to get an amazing interest rate, help with negotiation of your home, and will address all your questions/concerns along the way. I bought my home through Special Agent Realty. Had a fantastic experience and I highly recommend them. These are the most genuine Realtors in the area and you can’t go wrong giving them a call.”
From: Nate B. of Kirkland, WA
Best Realtor in the Area!

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